Helping Your Pet Fend Off Mosquitos

Mosquitos aren’t just a nescience for you and your family members—they also present a real danger to our pets! Mosquitos can transmit dangerous diseases like heartworm and West Nile Virus, so it’s important to keep your pet protected. Learn more here from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian:


By keeping your pet a high-quality flea and tick preventative, as well as the proper heartworm medication, you’re taking the most important step in preventing the danger. These medications will keep your pet safe even if they are bitten by a mosquito! Talk to your vet if your pet isn’t already set up with the proper preventatives.

In the Yard

Remove sources of standing water in your yard—bird feeders, empty pots, etc.—since mosquitos like to breed there. Also be sure to trim back tall grasses and dense shrubbery, where mosquitos like to spend time.

Outdoor Time

Dusk and dawn are peak mosquito activity times. Try to avoid exercising or walking your pet during these hours, when they’re most likely to be bitten.

Does your pet need veterinary attention or pest-control medications? We’re here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs. Call your animal hospital Lafayette, LA  today!

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