Hiking with Your Dog

Are you planning on heading into the great outdoors soon for a wilderness hike with your dog? This can be a lot of fun, but make sure your pooch stays safe. Learn how below from your Louisville, CO veterinarian.

Proper Identification

First things first—make sure your pet is properly identified with up-to-date ID tags, a microchip, or both. If your pet needs these items, contact your vet’s office promptly. They’ll be lifesavers if your dog gets lost or runs off during your adventures!

Leash and Recall Command

Bring a sturdy leash with you on your hike, even if your dog is allowed off-leash in certain areas. You never know when you may need it. Also make sure your dog knows a good recall command, like “come” or “back.”

Water Tips

Never let your dog drink from public ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams. Also be wary of puddles, as they may contain bacteria and contaminants that your dog shouldn’t have. Bring along two thermoses of fresh water; one for you, and one just for your dog!

Would you like more tips on keeping your dog safe during outdoor hikes? Contact your Louisville, CO vet’s office today for further helpful advice.

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