Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Most of our dogs and cats have to deal with the daily reality of being covered in fur; this makes staying cool in hot weather somewhat of a challenge. Here, your Daly City, CA vet gives you three tips for keeping your pet safe:


Hydration is essential during hot weather, as a lack of water will lead to deadly dehydration and heatstroke. Make sure your pet has a bowl of cool, fresh water available to drink at all times, whether they’re spending time indoors or out.


When your pet does spend time outdoors, make sure there is at least one shady spot for them to cool off under. Consider hanging a sheet or setting up an awning structure to provide shade if there aren’t adequate trees in your yard.

Exercise Tips

Exercising your pet during the middle of the day, when temperatures are at their peak and the sun is glaring straight down, isn’t a good idea. Instead, get your pet moving in the early morning or later evening hours, when it’s far cooler outside.

Want more hot weather safety tips to keep your pet feeling their best? Give your Daly City, CA animal hospital a call today.

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