How to Bathe Your Kitten

If you’ve recently adopted a kitten, it’s a good idea to get them acclimated to bathing early on in life. This way, they grow up with bath time as part of their normal routine. Below, your Rochester, NY vet provides an overview for successfully giving your new feline friend a bath.

Gather Supplies

First, get together everything you need by the sink or tub that you’ll be bathing Fluffy in. You’ll require a feline-formulated shampoo, a small cup, a large towel, and a few cat treats.

Getting Started

Fill the sink or tub with about an inch of lukewarm water. Gently sit your kitten into it, simply getting the paws wet. If she’s uncomfortable, take her out and try again later.

Once your kitten is comfortable in the water, dab a small amount of the shampoo into her fur and begin massaging it through. Take care to avoid the face.

Rinse, Dry, and Reward

Once Fluffy has been shampooed thoroughly, rinse her off by pouring water over her from your cup. Now, dry her with the towel and offer a few treats for a job well done.

If you need help with your kitten’s bath, contact your Animal Hospital Rochester, NY.

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