How to Brush Your Dog’s Pearly Whites

Does your dog’s breath smell bad? Do you see brown plaque built up on the teeth and along the gum line? It’s time to give your dog’s teeth a solid brushing. Learn how below you’re your vet in Murrieta, CA.

Get Your Supplies

First, get everything you’ll need together in the area where you’ll perform Fido’s tooth brushing. You’ll want to purchase a canine-formulated toothpaste—never use toothpaste made for humans or other animals—and a pet toothbrush, and have a few tasty dog treats on hand.

Acclimate Your Dog

Get your dog used to the sensation of brushing by simply massaging the teeth and gums with your finger (gross, we know, but worth the effort!). Then, allow him to smell and taste the toothpaste.

Brush and Reward       

When your dog is comfortable, brush each section of the mouth using the pet toothbrush. Focus only on the outer tooth surfaces, where plaque tends to accumulate. After you’re done, reward your dog with a few tasty treats. This will make him understand that cooperating for brushing warrants a reward!

Need help with your dog’s dental routine? We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs. Call your veterinarian Murrieta, CA.

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