How to Enrich Your Cat’s Life

Cats are intelligent animals who require engagement and interaction. Use these suggestions from a Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian to keep your cat properly enriched:


Think dogs are the only house pets who can be trained? Think again! Cats, too, can be trained to follow commands or perform tricks. Cats have been known to fetch items, play dead, roll over, come at the sound of their name, or even give high-fives. With the proper training regimen and plenty of cat treats, you can train your feline friend; ask your veterinarian how to get started.

Bird Feeders

If your cat has a favorite windowsill perch, he or she will undoubtedly enjoy watching outdoor critters do their business. Try setting up a bird or squirrel feeder outdoors, several feet away from your cat’s preferred window. Your cat will be entertained for hours!


Of course, toys are another great way to keep your cat enriched. Try rotating your cat’s toy selection in and out on a regular basis so they don’t get bored. Cats especially love small mice or bird toys because of the way they mimic real-life prey animals.

Talk to your vet Scottsdale, AZ for more information on your cat’s health.

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