How to Exercise Your Cat Indoors

Although some cats spend time outdoors or even go for walks with their owners, the vast majority of our feline friends stay inside most of the time. How do you exercise your cat in the comfort of your own home? Below, your Pickerington, OH veterinarian gives you a few tips.

Cat Towers

Cat tower structures provide your cat with multiple platforms to jump to and from. They also allow your feline friend to climb, and many even come with built-in scratching posts and toys! Try browsing the selection at your local pet supply shop.


Toys allow your cat to entertain herself and get great exercise in the process. Just about any cat will go wild for a piece of string dangled in front of their face—there’s no need for expensive or complicated playthings!

Laser Light

Many cats love to chase around the pesky laser light that they just can’t seem to grab. It’s a great way to keep your cat moving for an extended period of time and burn off some excess calories. Don’t shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, though.

For more information on your cat’s exercise needs, call your vet Pickerington, OH today.

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