How to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

Sometimes, because of weather or scheduling circumstances, it’s much easier to exercise your pet inside rather than out. Wondering about some great ways to exercise your pet indoors? Read on as your vet Savannah, GA tells you more.

Use the Stairs

Does your home have a staircase? This is a great way to give your pet good exercise and work out muscles that they may not typically use. Stand at the top of the stairs with a toy or treat and call your pet to you. Once they come to you, reverse and repeat.


There’s no substitute for toy time. Make sure your pet has a large selection of toys to choose from, and spend time with your animal friend daily for fun play sessions. Not only will your pet have a blast, they’ll be getting good exercise in the process!

Hallway Run

Use your home’s hallway to your advantage. Clear out any breakable or valuable items, then use it as a pet run. Toss a toy or treat down the hall and watch your pet bound after it, then have them come back to you.

Want more tips for fun exercise with pets? Call your veterinarians Savannah, GA.

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