How to Help Two Cats Get Along

Do you own two cats, or plan on introducing a second feline to your home soon? Use these tips from your Myrtle Beach vet to help your cats get along.

Separate Cats’ Things

Cats can be territorial. To avoid bad behavior and fighting, keep your two cats’ food and water dishes, toys, scratching posts, and other items separated. It may be possible to keep these items closer together later in life, but having them separated at least initially can go a long way toward reducing aggression.

Have Male Cats Neutered

Is one or both of your cats male? If they’re not neutered, this is likely contributing to aggressive behavior and fighting. The neutering procedure will greatly reduce a male cat’s aggressive behavior. Plus, it will eliminate the risk of genital cancers, lower the chance of other types of cancer, and reduce the likelihood that your male cat will try to run away.

Break Up Fighting

When you see your cats fighting, break it up promptly to send the message that this behavior is not acceptable. Offer your cats a treat when you see them exhibiting good behavior.

Call your Animal Hospital Myrtle Beach office for further advice on your cats’ behavior.

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