How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly half of all our domesticated cats are overweight? If your feline friend falls into that category, it’s time to act. Here, your San Jose, CA vet tells you how to help your cat lose weight.

Diet and Exercise

There’s just no substitute for diet and exercise when it comes to shedding pounds. See your veterinarian to find out about using controlled portion sizes for your cat’s meals. Also make sure to get your cat moving on a daily basis with the use of toys or laser lights.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are a great way to have your cat exercise themselves, even when you’re not home. Not only do cats enjoy the high vantage points that towers offer, these structures provide a natural outlet for climbing and jumping. Many even come with built-in toys or scratching posts!

Treat Tips

Don’t give your cat treats for no reason; you’re only supplying empty calories that may contribute to your cat’s portly figure. Use treats as a reward for good behavior or as the very occasional indulgence.

Do you need assistance with your cat’s diet plan? Don’t hesitate to call your Vet Clinic San Jose, CA office for help.

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