How to Help Your Cat or Dog Lose Weight

Do you think your dog or cat could stand to shed a few pounds? Many of our pets are overweight—nearly half, in fact! Here, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian tells you what to do if your pet is ready to slim down.

See the Vet

Pay a visit to your vet’s office before taking any action. Your veterinarian can confirm whether or not your pet is, in fact, overweight. From there, you can form a plan together to help your pet lose weight safely.


Losing weight starts with controlling your pet’s portion size. Don’t overfeed your animal companion—ask your vet for advice on a good portion size. In some cases, a new diet may need to be fed; this is especially likely if your pet is receiving a “budget” food with a lot of empty calories.


What is diet plan complete without exercise? Play with your pet on a daily basis—go on jogs in the backyard, walks around the neighborhood, or simply romp around on the floor. Having your pet burn calories every day is key to losing weight.

For help getting your pet to slim down, contact your vet clinic Sugar Land, TX today.

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