How to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Wouldn’t you want to extend your time with your pet for as long as possible in order to enjoy more years of happiness, amusement, and love? Learn how below from your Sayville, NY vet:

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is the best medicine! It’s far easier and cheaper than treating an illness after the fact, so check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and is on a pest preventive against fleas, ticks, and parasites.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering not only controls the homeless pet population, it benefits your pet’s health. Genital cancer risk is eliminated, and the chances of prostate, breast, or other cancer types is reduced tenfold. Plus, urinary and reproductive system issues are far less likely to occur in spayed and neutered pets.

Proper Diet

Feed your pet a high-quality diet that is appropriate for their age, weight, and breed throughout their lifetime. This way, your pet’s health is always at its peak. Ask your vet about proper portion sizes and scheduled mealtimes to get the most out of your pet’s food.

Contact your vets Sayville, NY if your animal companion needs vaccinations, medication, or a veterinary examination.

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