How to Keep Your Cat Entertained When You’re Not Home

Indoor cats can get lonely if you’re gone most of the day. How do you keep your feline friend entertained when you’re not around? Try these suggestions from a Plano, TX veterinarian.


There’s no substitute for toys! Make sure your cat has a wide selection of toys to choose from, and rotate the selection in and out over time so that Fluffy won’t get bored. Cats particularly love catnip toys; visit your local pet supply shop to browse the options and pick something that will entertain your cat.

Cat Tower

Cat tower structures give your cat a fun place to play, and many even come with built-in scratching posts and toys. Towers also allow your pet several raised platforms, from which they can comfortably survey their territory. These items are widely available in pet stores and retail outlets.


Cat DVDs have been around for quite a while. They allow your feline friend to watch mice or birds flit around the TV screen, holding their attention for hours on end.

If your cat needs veterinary attention, or if you would like to learn more about keeping your pet occupied while you’re not home, contact your Veterinary Clinic Plano, TX professional.

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