How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

It’s a safe bet that you’ll take your dog with you in the car at some point or another, whether it’s for a trip to the vet’s office or a family vacation. Just make sure Fido stays safe! Here are three quick tips from an Aurora, CO veterinary professional.

Secure Your Dog

Either keep your dog secured in his travel crate or buckle him in using a specialized canine car harness. Talk to your veterinarian about a recommendation on what might work best for your pooch, and browse the selection at your local pet supply store before putting Fido in the car.

Roll Up the Windows

It might bring Fido a lot of joy to stick his head out of the window while you’re driving, but it’s not a good idea. It’s possible for debris like pebbles or bits of plastic to hit your dog in the face at a high velocity, potentially causing serious injury. Your dog could also fall if you have to stop or turn suddenly.

Preventing Carsickness

Prevent carsickness by taking frequent breaks and not feeding your dog for at least two hours before leaving.

For more safety tips, contact your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO today.

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