How to Keep Your Pet Warm in the Wintertime

Is your pet prepared to face the frigid temperatures of wintertime? Keep your cat or dog warm and happy with these tips from a London, ON veterinarian.

Bring Pets Indoors

Never leave pets outdoors for extended periods of time during the winter, even if they don’t seem to mind the cold. This is only inviting dangerous frostbite and deadly hypothermia. Restrict your pet’s outdoor time to quick bathroom breaks or exercise sessions, then bring them back inside where they’ll be happy and warm with your family.

Pet Clothing

Have you ever considered dressing your pet up in warm winter clothing? Parkas, sweaters, and even boots are available to help your pet brave the chilly weather. Visit your local pet store or retail outlet to browse the options, and ask your vet for recommendations on various clothing options.

Comfy Bedding

Don’t put your pet’s bed near a door or window, where a chilly draft may come through. Also include plenty of soft, warm blankets to keep your pet satisfied throughout the night.

Do you have further questions on your pet’s healthcare or well-being? Set up an appointment with your veterinarians London, ON to get your beloved pet the care they need.

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