How to Pamper Your Cat

Our cats bring us plenty of love, loyalty, and plain old amusement—why not pamper them a bit to show them our appreciation? Here, your Crown Point, IN veterinarian gives you three suggestions for pampering your cat.

Cat Towers

Every cat loves a cat tower; it gives them a high vantage point to survey their territory from. Plus, many cat towers come with built-in bedding areas, toys, or scratching posts. Pick up a cat tower from your local pet supply shop or vet’s office.

Cat Milk

Cats shouldn’t drink real milk—adult cats are almost always lactose-intolerant and can’t digest milk properly—but they can have synthetic “cat milk.” This product has the lactose removed, so cats can enjoy it without the upset stomach. Contact your vet for recommendations.

Cat Toys

What cat doesn’t love their toys? They allow your feline friend to get out her frustrations, exercise her natural stalking instincts, and have a lot of fun. Try rotating your cat’s toy selection regularly so she doesn’t get bored with the same old things.

If your cat needs professional veterinary care, or if you have further questions on your cat’s health, call your vets Crown Point, IN today.

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