How to Pamper Your Senior Pet

Is your pet entering her golden years? She deserves a bit of pampering. Below, your North Phoenix, AZ vet offers you some suggestions.

Senior Diet

Feeding your older pet a specially formulated senior diet is one of the very best things you can do for her health. Senior pets have different nutritional requirements than middle-aged or young pets, and senior diets fulfill those requirements. Ask your vet to recommend a type and brand of senior diet for your pet.

Pet Ramps

Does your pet have trouble getting up and down the staircase, or up on her favorite piece of furniture? Buy or build pet ramps or stairs for this purpose. These can make pets’ lives a lot easier, especially if they suffer from painful arthritis.

Grooming Help

It’s likely that your pet needs help with grooming, now more than ever. Brush your pet daily to remove loose fur, keep the skin healthy, and keep the coat naturally moisturized. Your vet can recommend a specific brush type and pet-formulated shampoo.

Another important aspect of senior pet care is regular veterinary visits. Make an appointment at your animal hospital North Phoenix, AZ today to have your aging pet examined by a professional.

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