How to Stop Your Dog’s Begging

Many of our canine companions have a problem with begging. If you’re tired of Fido nipping at your heels during dinner, hoping for the smallest scrap, put a stop to this behavior! Learn more here from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.


Often, simply ignoring your dog while he’s begging is the best method for training him to stop. It’s easier said than done, but be patient—eventually, Fido will get the hint that he’s not getting any food. If necessary, lock your dog in his crate during dinnertime to prevent begging.

Avoid Table Scraps

Don’t give your dog table scraps at mealtime; this is only rewarding your pooch for his begging behavior, encouraging him to continue. When your dog doesn’t receive treats at the table, he’s less likely to keep begging! Make sure all family members are aware of the no-table-scrap protocol.

Your Dog’s Own Meal

Give your dog his own meal of dog kibble during your family’s dinnertime. This way, he’s more inclined to eat his own food after he fails to receive anything from you. Direct your dog toward his own food each and every time he begs.

Call your animal hospital Aurora, CO for more training tips.

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