How to Tell if Your Pet is Overweight

Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight? Your pet might be considered obese without you even knowing it! Here, your vet clinic Scottsdale, AZ gives you advice on finding out if your pet is overweight.

The Top View

Straddle your pet and look down on them from above. Do their sides bulge out near the back hips, rather than curving in gently? This could be a sign of obesity! Also note excess weight near the neck, as some pets tend to accumulate extra pounds in this area.

The Side View

Get down on the floor and examine your pet from the side. Your pet should have a gentle curve upward behind the rib cage, blending into the back hip area. If there’s just a straight line to your pet’s rear end, or if this area sags downward, your pet is probably carrying too much weight.

Ask the Professionals

Of course, the best way to find out if your pet is truly overweight—and start correcting the problem—is to ask your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ. Set up an appointment today to have your companion examined. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for your pet’s health!

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