How to Tell When Your Cat is Sick

As you probably know, cats can be rather good at hiding their discomfort. It can be difficult to know when your cat isn’t feeling well! Learn about three initial signs of illness or injury in cats from a Rochester, NY vet:

Behavior Changes

Have you noticed your cat’s behavior changing recently? Maybe she’s acting out aggressively when she’s usually friendly, or she’s hiding a lot when she’s typically very social. Changes like these may indicate illness or injury! Let your veterinarian know to discover how to proceed.

Loss of Appetite

It’s safe to say that a loss of appetite isn’t a good sign in any pet, your cat included. If you’ve noticed your pet leaving a lot of her food in the bowl, it might be time to let your veterinarian know. A loss of appetite can be caused by many things, including infection, disease, and injury.

Coat Quality

Were you aware that your cat’s coat quality is a good indicator of her internal health? If your cat’s cat has suddenly become coarse, dry, or dull, it may be worth a call to the vet.

If your cat needs veterinary attention, make an appointment at your animal hospital Rochester, NY.

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