Is Your Pet Overweight?

Nearly half of all domesticated pets are overweight. Is your pet part of the statistic? Here, your Gresham, OR veterinarian lets you know how to tell if your pet weighs too much.

Side Profile

Look at your pet from the side. Examine the rear of your pet, where the belly blends into the back hips. There should be a gentle curve upwards into the back legs. If there’s a straight line from the belly into the rear hips, or if the area bulges downward, your pet is probably carrying too much weight.

Top Profile

Straddle your pet and look down on them from your vantage point. At the rear of your pet, both sides of the belly should curve inward slightly where the hips begin. Again, if this area is more of a straight line or bulge, there’s a good chance your pet is overweight.

Ask a Pro

Of course, all pets are different, and your animal companion’s appearance may not be the only definitive way to tell if they’re overweight or not. The best way to know for sure is to call your Gresham, OR veterinarian’s office for a professional examination and weight measurement. Set up an appointment today

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