Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car With These 3 Tips

Almost every dog will go for a trip in the car at some point or another. They might be going to the dog park or the vet’s office, but it’s important that they stay safe no matter what! Learn more here from your London, ON veterinarian.

Secure Your Pup

Keep your dog secured in his travel crate, or buckle him into the car using a specialized dog seatbelt. Ask your vet what might work best based on your dog’s size so that you can make sure Fido’s next car trip is as safe as possible.

Don’t Let Your Dog Stick His Head Out the Window

As much as your dog might enjoy sticking his head out the window as you’re buzzing down the road, it’s not a good idea. It’s possible that debris, like bits of plastic or metal, pebbles, or chunks of dirt, could fly up and strike your dog. Your pup could also fall out of the car if you have to stop suddenly.

Prevent Carsickness

Don’t feed your dog for a few hours before driving with him; this should prevent most cases of carsickness.

Contact your animal clinic London, ON today if your dog needs veterinary care.

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