Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

It sure can get hot in Texas. Below, your San Antonio, TX veterinarian gives you three quick tips on keeping your pet safe as the temperature rises.


Hydration with cool, fresh water is key for avoiding deadly heatstroke. Whether your pet spends time indoors or out during hot weather, provide a bowl of water at all times. Check the water periodically, and refill or refresh it if necessary.

Exercise Smart

Every pet needs their exercise, but it can be very dangerous if pets are moving around outdoors during the hottest parts of the day. Try exercising your pet in the early morning or later evening hours, when the sun isn’t high in the sky and temperatures aren’t at their peak. Your pet will thank you!

Avoid Asphalt

When the sun beats down on asphalt all day, the surface can become scorching hot. Unlike us, pets don’t have rubber-soled shoes to protect their feet. It’s easy for hot asphalt to burn or blister a pet’s paw pads, so avoid surfaces like blacktop driveways or parking lots whenever possible.

Would you like more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe in hot weather? Contact your veterinarians San Antonio, TX office today.

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