Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

Hot weather can prove very dangerous for our cats and dogs, especially since they’re covered in a layer of fur. Use these tips from your Glendale, AZ veterinarian to keep your animal companion safe when temperatures rise.

Bring Pets Indoors

The scorching sun and high humidity can make it very easy for pets to suffer deadly dehydration and heatstroke. Avoid this danger by bringing your pet indoors where it’s air conditioned. Exercise your pet in the cooler morning or evening hours, and keep them inside during the middle part of the day when it’s hottest.

Provide Water

Water is essential in the summer months to avoid dehydration. Have a bowl of cool, fresh water available for your pet at all times, whether they’re spending time indoors or out.

Don’t Leave Pets in Cars

Even on relatively mild summer days, the temperatures inside parked cars can skyrocket quickly. For pets kept inside, it’s a virtual death trap. Never leave a pet in a parked car; either bring them indoors at your destination or leave them safely at home.

Would you like more essential tips to keep your pet safe in hot weather? Call your Glendale, AZ veterinarian’s office for more insight.

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