Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Beach

It sure can be a lot of fun to take your pooch along on a family beach day. Just make sure your dog stays safe! Use these tips from a Jacksonville, FL vet to do just that.

Water Safety Tips

Never let your dog swim too far out into the ocean; in fact, it’s best to make sure they stay in the shallows. Even dogs who are strong, experienced swimmers can be caught off guard by tides and, even more frightening, deadly rip currents. Also make sure your dog doesn’t drink ocean water, as the salt will irritate the mouth and stomach.


Dogs can get sunburnt, too! Be sure to pack a canine-formulated sunblock and apply it to areas of exposed skin, like that on the ear edges or nose tip. This will help avoid any painful burns and blisters.

Recall Command

Your dog should know a recall command like “back!” or “come!” before heading onto the beach off-leash. This way, you can call your canine companion back to your side if they dart out towards the ocean or decide to greet another beachgoer.

Contact your vet in Jacksonville, FL for more helpful beach safety tips for your dog.

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