Keeping Your Pet Safe on Halloween

When Halloween and trick-or-treat night roll around each year, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. This is one of the most hazardous holidays of the year for our four-legged friends! Keep your dog or cat safe with these tips from a Lafayette, LA vet.

Treat Dangers

Chocolate and candy are floating around abundance as trick-or-treat draws closer. Remember: sweet treats of many kinds can harm your pet! Chocolate of all types contains theobromine and caffeine, chemicals that aren’t safe for animals. Many candies, as well as gums and toothpastes, are sweetened with an artificial sugar called xylitol that can easily poison pets.

Costume Caution

Check your pet’s Halloween costume for small parts that could be chewed off, choked on, or swallowed, such as zippers or plastic buttons. Make sure your pet’s costume doesn’t fit too tightly or hang off of them loosely, as this can stress out your animal friend.

Risk of Escape

Trick-or-treat night presents an escape risk for pets since the front door will frequently be opening for trick-or-treaters. Keep a close eye on your pet, and secure them in another room if necessary.

For more Halloween safety tips, contact your vets in Lafayette, LA.

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