Keeping Your Senior Cat Healthy and Happy

Do you live with a cat who is getting along in years? Our senior felines need loving attention now more than ever! Below, your Ashburn, VA veterinarian offers a few simple tips to keep your elderly cat happy and healthy.

Proper Diet

All senior cats need to be eating the proper food. Give your animal companion a specially formulated senior cat food, made just for the nutritional needs of aging felines. This way, she stays healthy and at the proper weight. Feel free to ask your veterinarian to recommend a great choice for your cat.


Provide your cat with a cat tower and a scratching post or board for her to entertain herself with, even when you aren’t home. It’s also important that your cat has plenty of fun toys—all cats, even your senior companion, need their exercise!

Veterinary Visits

Your senior cat should see their veterinarian on a regular basis (most vets recommend a visit at least twice per year). This way, any health concern can be caught early on and treated appropriately, allowing your cat to remain healthy throughout her golden years!

For more tips on senior cat care, call your Animal hospital Ashburn, VA today.

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