Kitten Care Tips

Have you recently adopted a kitten, or are you planning on bringing one home soon? It’s always best to be prepared so that you can give your new addition the easiest possible transition to a new home! Below, your vet Aurora, CO goes over the basics.


Very young kittens may need bottle-fed with a commercial milk product. Otherwise, kittens should receive a nutrient-packed wet kitten food for the early stages of growth. As a kitten ages, they can transition to a dry kibble or stick with wet food; ask your veterinarian what’s best for your new pet.

Litter Box

Show your cat her litter box early on, perhaps simulating a digging motion with the front paws to let her get the picture. You may have to repeat this process before your cat realizes that it’s her bathroom.

Veterinary Check-up

Remember: your kitten will need a veterinary check-up early on in life to make sure she’s starting off on the right paw. Before long, you’ll need to have key vaccinations taken care of, and your kitten will need a flea preventative. Your veterinarian is here to help!

Schedule an appointment at your veterinarians Aurora, CO. We’re here for you!

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