Limiting Your Cat’s Hairballs

For almost every cat, hairballs are a part of life. Since cats ingest hair while grooming themselves, it’s natural for them to regurgitate it occasionally in the form of a hairball. That doesn’t mean it’s not a mess! Limit your cat’s hairballs with these tips from a Lafayette, LA vet.

Proper Diet

One of the easiest ways to keep your cat’s hairball production to a minimum is by feeding her a high-quality diet. When your cat is receiving the proper nutrients, the digestive system works at its best to keep hair moving properly through the digestive tract, eventually expelling it through your cat’s feces.

Hairball Products

There are a variety of lubrication and digestive-aid products available for cats. These may help your cat produce less hairballs by helping hair run through the digestive tract more smoothly. Ask your vet if these products might work for your feline friend.

See Your Vet

If you think your cat is producing too many hairballs, or if hairball production has increased dramatically in a short period of time, it’s best to pay a visit to the vet’s office to have your cat examined.

Does your cat need an appointment? Call your veterinarian Lafayette, LA!

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