Litter Box Placement Tips

Litter box placement can sometimes be a tricky thing. Cats are known for being picky! Use these tips from a Hinesville, GA vet to put your cat’s box in just the right spot.

Quiet, Low-Traffic Area

Would you like doing your business in a crowded area with a lot of noise? Of course not! Neither does your cat—put your feline friend’s box in a quiet, low-traffic area where she won’t be disturbed. A basement or quiet back room works best.

Easily Accessible

Make sure your cat’s box is easily accessible at all times throughout the day. If a door swings shut and blocks off the room your cat’s box is in, she’ll be forced to use the bathroom elsewhere and leave you with a mess to clean up!

Far From Food

Just like us, cats prefer that their bathroom and dining areas aren’t right next to each other. Cats have been known to shun their box or their food dishes entirely if the two are found in close proximity! It’s best to keep food and the litter box as far apart as possible.

Do you have further questions about your cat’s bathroom habits? Contact your Hinesville, GA vet today.

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