Look Out for These In-Home Pet Toxins

Did you know that you probably already have the following pet toxins in your home? Fortunately, it just takes a few precautions to keep your four-legged friend safe. Learn more below from a Livonia, MI vet.

Toxic Foods

Almost every kitchen contains foods that pets shouldn’t have. The list includes grapes, raisins, chocolate, candy, avocado, onions, garlic, alcohol, caffeinated foods and beverages, salt, fatty substances, and more. Never leave harmful foods out on countertops, where pets may be able to gain access to them.

Human Medicines

Various medicines made for humans—everything from antidepressants and aspirin to cough syrup and prescription pills—can harm a pet if they ingest them. Keep your medicine cabinet sealed and locked at all times. Also take care to store your own medications separately from those of your pet, as mixing the two up could be very dangerous.

Poisonous Plants & Flowers

The list of poisonous or irritable plants and flowers is lengthy. Some common offenders include lilies, oleander, ivy, the sago palm, certain aloe plants, daffodils, tulips, elephant ear, and poinsettias. Contact your animal hospital Livonia, MI for a complete list of hazardous plant life, and remove them from your home or garden right away.

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