Making an Emergency Care Kit for Your Cat

It’s not fun to think about an emergency situation when it comes to your cat. With that being said, the best thing to do is be prepared! Here, your Rochester, NY veterinarian tells you what to put in your cat’s very own emergency care kit.

First-Aid Essentials

Most of your cat’s kit will contain basic first-aid supplies like gauze, bandages, a pet-safe disinfectant solution, tweezers, nail clippers made for cats, a styptic powder or pen, a pet thermometer, and a few soft towels. Also be sure to pack a few pairs of latex gloves to protect your hands. Ask your vet what else you might include.

Medical Records

Seal your cat’s proof of vaccinations, documentation of any recent procedures she’s undergone, proof of ownership, and other important medical records in a waterproof bag. These documents can be essential should you visit an unfamiliar vet’s office or animal shelter.

Your Cat’s Medications

Does your pet take any specific medications to manage a condition? Pack a supply in the emergency kit so that you always know where they are.

Would you like help assembling an emergency kit for your cat? We’re here for you. Call your veterinarians Rochester, NY office for advice.

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