Making Your Home Safe for a Puppy

Will you be introducing a puppy to your home in the near future? As you probably know, puppies can be quite mischievous! Use these tips from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian to keep your new addition safe and sound.

Block Rooms

For the first few weeks of puppy ownership, you may want to use dog gates or baby gates to block off certain rooms in your home. This will make things less overwhelming for your puppy and make keeping an eye on him much easier.

Hazard Check

Check every room in your home that your puppy will have access to. Remove any and all hazards, such as small objects that could be chewed or choked on, toxic plants, cleaning supplies, sharp edges or objects, poisonous foods, etc. If you already have other pets, make sure every animal in the home has a safe space to retreat to.


Don’t delay in getting your new puppy properly identified. In the event of an unexpected escape, having your pup wear a microchip, ID tags, or both is the best way to get them returned safely!

Does your pet need to be identified? Have more questions about puppy ownership? Contact your veterinarians Lafayette, LA today.

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