Making Your Home Safe for a Puppy

Are you getting ready to bring home a puppy? Make sure you puppy-proof your home so your new addition doesn’t get into trouble! Use these tips from a Columbia, MD vet to get your home ready.

Check for Physical Hazards

Go through every room that your pup will spend time in, and set about eliminating physical hazards. These include things like loose wires and cords, tight spaces, sharp edges, and small objects that could be swallowed or choked on.

Put Away Potential Toxins

The potential toxins that a puppy could get into are numerous, and include cleaning supplies, poisonous plants and flowers, toxic foods in your kitchen, and more. Ask your veterinarian about other possible poisons to be aware of and how to keep your puppy safe from harm.

Block Off Rooms

Consider this: by limiting the number of rooms your puppy is allowed into, you have less space to ready for your pup’s arrival. Plus, it will be less overwhelming for your puppy! Use dog gates to block off areas you don’t want Fido having access to.

If you have questions about puppy care, or if your pup needs veterinary attention, call your animal hospital Columbia, MD for help.

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