Making Your Senior Cat’s Life Easier

Is your cat entering her golden years? Now more than ever, she needs your attention and love. Use these tips from an Aurora, CO veterinarian to make your elderly cat’s life a little easier.

Senior Diet

Every older cat should be eating a nutritionally balanced, premium senior diet. The nutritional needs of a senior feline are far different than a kitten, or even a middle-aged cat. Talk to your veterinarian if your cat needs to switch foods and transition to a healthy senior diet.

Pet Ramps

Does your pet have trouble getting up onto her favorite piece of furniture, windowsill, or up and down the staircase? Pet ramps can help with this. Build your own or purchase them from a pet store; they’re extremely helpful for cats who are suffering from old age and arthritis pain.

Help with Grooming

It’s likely that your cat can’t twist and turn the way she once could in order to groom herself. Pamper your cat a bit and help her with grooming. You’ll just need a feline-specific brush, available at some vets’ offices and most pet stores.

Would you like more advice on your senior cat’s healthcare? Call your Aurora, CO animal hospital today.

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