Keeping Your Pet Safe When It’s Hot

When it’s hot outside, it’s important that you keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Remember: they’re wearing a permanent coat of fur! Use these tips from a Murrieta, CA veterinarian to make sure your pet stays safe during the hottest months of the year: Bring Them Inside There’s no easier way to keep your pet safe and comfortable… Read more →

Building an Emergency Kit for Fido

Emergency situations are scary no matter what the scenario. This is equally true when it comes to your fido. One of the best things to do is be prepared! Learn more about building your dog’s emergency kit below from your Westminster, MD veterinarian. First-Aid Supplies Most of your kit will be made up of first-aid supplies. This includes things like… Read more →

Do My Cat’s Hairballs Harm Her?

Hairballs aren’t pretty looking, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience for your cat to cough one up. The question is, do hairballs harm your cat in any way? Learn all about your cat’s hairball production in this article from a Las Vegas, NV vet. Why Do Hairballs Happen? When your cat licks herself for grooming, the tongue… Read more →

Why Microchip Your Dog or Cat?

Have you ever heard of microchips for dogs and cats? It’s simply the best way to keep your pet properly identified throughout their life. Below, allow your Burlington, ON veterinarian to tell you more about the benefits of pet microchips: It’s Secure Your pet can’t remove their microchip whether they want to or not, so they remain identified at all… Read more →

Catnip Fundamentals

Does your cat like catnip? It’s our feline friend’s favorite plant product! Catnip is common, but how much do you know about it? Learn more below from a Newmarket, ON vet. What is Catnip, Anyway? Catnip is an herb that grows naturally in the wild. It’s classified in the same plant “family’ as mint and other common herbs. In a… Read more →

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Every dog needs their exercise. It’s a key part of your dog’s overall health, and it keeps them at a healthy weight. Plus, it lets them get out their energy so that they behave better. How much exercise does Fido need, exactly? Learn more here from a Glendale, AZ vet. Breed Considerations The first consideration to make is your dog’s… Read more →