Common Cat Myths

Cats are known for their mysterious nature. Maybe that’s why we believe so many myths and misconceptions about them! Your Bowmanville, ON veterinarian sets the record straight below: Cats Always Land Upright This isn’t true—cats can slip, fall, and land awkwardly just like anyone else. It’s even possible for cats to injure themselves seriously because of falls. Make sure your… Read more →

Making an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Your Pet

No pet owner wants to consider an emergency situation befalling their beloved companions. The truth is, though, that being prepared ahead of time is the best way to deal with an incident once it’s occurred. Here, your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA tells you what to put in your pet’s emergency kit. First-Aid Supplies Pack your kit with essential first-aid supplies… Read more →

Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Your dog’s paws need regular attention, just like any other part of his body! The paws are, after all, very important to your canine companion. Use these tips from your Crown Point, IN veterinarian to keep Fido’s feet healthy: Nail Trims A big part of great paw care is making sure your dog’s nails stay properly trimmed. Use a canine-specific… Read more →

Your Pet’s Vaccines

All pets need their vaccinations to stay disease-free and healthy. Would you like to know more about the vaccines that your pet requires? Read on as your vet Carmel, IN goes over the basics. The Core Vaccines Your pet’s core vaccines are often administered together in a batch when your pet is young. They have considered necessary for almost all… Read more →

Microchips for Cats and Dogs

Getting your pet a microchip is the absolute best way to keep them properly identified for a lifetime. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your animal friend’s well-being! Here, your veterinarian Happy Valley, OR answers your questions on pet microchips. Why Microchip My Pet? Microchips cannot be removed by your pet, accidentally or on purpose,… Read more →

Keeping Your Pet Safe at Parties

Will you be throwing a party or family gathering at your home soon? If you own pets, it’s important to keep their well-being in mind! Use these tips from your veterinarian Plano, TX to do just that: Anxiety Perhaps the biggest danger for pets during a party or gathering is anxiety. It’s easy for an animal to become overwhelmed with… Read more →

Pet Insurance FAQs

Just like insurance for your car or home, there are insurance policies for your pets. Here, your vet Marietta, GA goes over the basics of pet insurance to help you make the best decision for your beloved animal companion. Why Get Pet Insurance? The benefit of pet insurance is the same as most other types of insurance: in the event… Read more →