Kitten Care Tips

Have you recently adopted a kitten, or are you planning on bringing one home soon? It’s always best to be prepared so that you can give your new addition the easiest possible transition to a new home! Below, your vet Aurora, CO goes over the basics. Diet Very young kittens may need bottle-fed with a commercial milk product. Otherwise, kittens… Read more →

Common Cat Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Many of our feline friends are rather aloof, and some are downright mysterious. It’s no wonder that several myths and misconceptions have sprung up around our cats! Don’t believe everything you hear. Below, your Chattanooga, TN veterinarian corrects some common cat myths. Cats Always Land On Their Feet This isn’t true. Cats are graceful, but they can fall and injure… Read more →

Hairballs in Cats

Have you ever seen your feline friend cough up a hairball? It doesn’t look pleasant, and it’s definitely not pleasant for you to clean up. Are hairballs safe for cats, though? Learn more here from a veterinarian Bowmanville, ON. Why Do Hairballs Form? Your cat’s tongue picks up loose hair from the coat when she grooms herself, which is swallowed.… Read more →

Paw Care Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs can usually use a little help caring for their paws. Unlike our feline friends, dogs aren’t expert groomers and don’t have scratching posts to file their nails! Use these tips from a vet Tampa, FL to make sure Fido’s paws stay in great condition. Paw Checks Sit down with your dog every few weeks in a quiet, well-lit room… Read more →

Keeping Your Pet Safe on Halloween

When Halloween and trick-or-treat night roll around each year, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. This is one of the most hazardous holidays of the year for our four-legged friends! Keep your dog or cat safe with these tips from a Lafayette, LA vet. Treat Dangers Chocolate and candy are floating around abundance as trick-or-treat draws closer.… Read more →

Fun Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Is your cat looking bored? A cat who isn’t entertained isn’t exercising their mind or body—it’s important that your cat remains stimulated! Here are three quick tips from a vet Rochester, NY for keeping your cat entertained. Toys The best way to keep your cat entertained on a daily basis is with toys. Cats tend to love toys that mimic… Read more →

Economical Dog Care Tips

Let’s face it—sometimes, dogs can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to save a little money here and there? Fortunately for you, there are several ways to do that without affecting your dog’s health or happiness in the least! Learn more here from your Westminster, MD vet. Portion Control Feed your dog in proper portion sizes. This avoids wasting food,… Read more →

Sun Protection Tips for Your Pet

Did you know that pets can experience sunburn just like humans, not to mention dehydration and heatstroke? It’s very important to keep your pet well-protected from the sun! Here are three quick tips from veterinarians Glendale, AZ. Shade Indoor time is simply the best way to keep your pet safe from harsh summer weather. When your pet is outdoors, make… Read more →