Fun Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Is your cat looking bored? A cat who isn’t entertained isn’t exercising their mind or body—it’s important that your cat remains stimulated! Here are three quick tips from a vet Rochester, NY for keeping your cat entertained. Toys The best way to keep your cat entertained on a daily basis is with toys. Cats tend to love toys that mimic… Read more →

Economical Dog Care Tips

Let’s face it—sometimes, dogs can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to save a little money here and there? Fortunately for you, there are several ways to do that without affecting your dog’s health or happiness in the least! Learn more here from your Westminster, MD vet. Portion Control Feed your dog in proper portion sizes. This avoids wasting food,… Read more →

Sun Protection Tips for Your Pet

Did you know that pets can experience sunburn just like humans, not to mention dehydration and heatstroke? It’s very important to keep your pet well-protected from the sun! Here are three quick tips from veterinarians Glendale, AZ. Shade Indoor time is simply the best way to keep your pet safe from harsh summer weather. When your pet is outdoors, make… Read more →

Exotic Pets for Owners With Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies to pet dander? Even if you can’t own a dog or cat, you’re in luck—an exotic pet might be just the choice for you! Here, your vet North Dallas, TX discusses some exotic pet options for the allergy sufferer. Reptiles and Amphibians Reptile and amphibian pets—snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, etc.—don’t give off dander the way… Read more →

Helping Your Pet Defeat Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest outdoor dangers for our animal companions. They can transmit heartworms, plus hazardous diseases like West Nile virus! Here are a few quick tips from a veterinarian Marietta, GA to help your pet get through mosquito season. Preventative Medicine The best way to have your pet avoid mosquitoes is to keep them on a preventative… Read more →

Dental Care for Cats

Just like other pets, your cat needs proper dental care to stay healthy. It’s very easy to overlook this part of your cat’s care routine! Learn about some quick dental care tips here from your veterinarian Roanoke, VA. Quality Diet and Fresh Water The first step in making sure your cat’s dental health stays in top form involves feeding her… Read more →

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Did you know that your pet’s health can be insured, just like you insure your home, car, or valuables? It’s a great idea for many pet owners—learn about the basics below from a vet Livonia, MI. What’s the Benefit? The benefit of pet insurance is the same as other types of insurance: if an unexpected accident or medical issue occurs,… Read more →

Brushing Fido’s Teeth

Did you know that dental trouble is very common amongst our canine companions? Brushing your dog’s teeth at home is one of the absolute best ways to keep Fido’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Here, your veterinarians Aurora, CO gives you a crash course. Gather Supplies First, you’ll need to get your supplies together in one place. You’ll need… Read more →