Paw Care Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs can usually use a little help caring for their paws. Unlike our feline friends, dogs aren’t expert groomers and don’t have scratching posts to file their nails! Use these tips from a vet Tampa, FL to make sure Fido’s paws stay in great condition.

Paw Checks

Sit down with your dog every few weeks in a quiet, well-lit room of your home. Examine each paw thoroughly, checking for anything unusual—if you find items stuck between the toes or embedded in the paw pads, wounds, abrasions, or anything else that looks wrong, let your vet know right away.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are an essential part of your dog’s paw-care routine. When a dog’s nails become too long, they can start to affect Fido’s gait, and they can split and fracture painfully! Trim your pooch’s nails regularly with a canine-specific nail trimmer, or set up an appointment at the vet’s office to have the professionals take care of it.

Hot Weather Care

Don’t let your dog linger on asphalt roadways, driveways, or parking lots. These surfaces can heat up dramatically, potentially causing serious and painful burns and blisters!

Call your animal hospital Tampa, FL for more paw care tips.

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