Pet Dietary Supplements

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the various dietary supplements available for humans. Did you know that the same sorts of things are available for pets? Learn more below from your Gresham, OR veterinarian.

What Supplements Are Available?

There are nearly as many dietary supplements on the market for pets as there are for humans. Among others, there are multivitamins, supplements to promote skin and fur health, digestive aids, joint health aids, and antioxidants. Probiotic supplements are also available; such items are formulated to reduce allergies, prevent diarrhea, improve immune system strength, and more.

Should I Give My Pet Supplements?

As a general rule, pets won’t need dietary supplementation if they’re being fed a high-quality, nutritionally balanced cat or dog diet. Always ask your veterinarian before giving your pet a dietary supplement, because it may do more harm than good if your pet doesn’t require it.

For pets who have special dietary or health requirements, supplementation may be useful. Your veterinarian must approve any supplementation, though, so set up an appointment at the office to discuss dietary pills before giving them to your pet.

Do you have further questions about your pet’s diet or nutrition? Call your Gresham, OR animal hospital today.

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