Pet Hazards in Every Home

Even the most safety-conscious pet owner probably has a few hazardous items in their home. It’s almost unavoidable! Luckily, it just takes a few precautionary measures to keep Fido or Fluffy safe from harm. Learn more here from a vet in Ellicott City, MD.

Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods aren’t good for our pets. The list includes grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, chives, leeks, shallots, scallions, chocolate, candy, gum, avocado, fatty foods, rich or buttery foods, caffeinated foods and beverages, bones, and much more. Don’t let your pet chow down on something he shouldn’t!

Cleaning Supplies

Many common cleaning supplies—household disinfectants, bleach-based products, tile cleaner, furniture polish, even air fresheners—could harm a pet who manages to swallow any. Although it’s not likely your pet would try to consume a cleaning product, it’s best to play it safe: keep the supply closet shut tightly and locked at all times.

Human Medicine

Did you know that human medications like aspirin and cough syrup, as well as antidepressants and many types of prescription or over-the-counter drugs, can poison pets? Keep the medicine cabinet sealed up tight!

Want more advice for keeping your pet safe? Call your vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.

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