Pet Insurance FAQs

Just like insurance for your car or home, there are insurance policies for your pets. Here, your vet Marietta, GA goes over the basics of pet insurance to help you make the best decision for your beloved animal companion.

Why Get Pet Insurance?

The benefit of pet insurance is the same as most other types of insurance: in the event that an unexpected scenario occurs, you’ll have help covering the costs of expensive treatments or solutions. Insurance is especially helpful for those companions managing a disease or a pre-existing health condition.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works just like the other types of insurance that you’re used to; you’ll pay a monthly or yearly premium, and have a set deductible. Of course, what is covered under the insurance plan varies depending on the plan itself.

What if I Own Multiple Pets?

Pet insurance providers usually offer discounted rates or special packages for multi-pet households. This is a great way to make sure all of your pets can receive proper care in the event of an unexpected situation.

For more information on pet insurance, or to make an appointment if your pet needs veterinary care, call your animal hospital Marietta, GA.

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