Placing Your Cat’s Litterbox Properly

Are you about to bring a feline friend into your household? The placement of your cat’s litterbox is very important! Use these tips from a Katy, TX vet to make the matter as stress-free as possible.

Far Away from Food and Water

Cats don’t like to eat near their bathroom; who can blame them? Cats have been known to shun the litterbox or stop eating and drinking entirely if food dishes and the bathroom are placed too close together. Separate these areas to be safe!

Quiet, Low-Traffic Area

Much like you, your cat doesn’t want to do her business in a crowded area with a lot of people around. Put the litterbox in a quiet back room, such as a laundry room or upstairs bathroom, so that your cat can use the restroom in peace.

Easy Access Zone

Make sure that your feline friend can access her litterbox 24 hours a day, even when you’re not home. Don’t allow a screen door, sliding door, or another physical obstacle to block her path, or she’ll be forced to go elsewhere!

Do you need help acclimating your cat to her bathroom? We’re here for you! Call your veterinary clinic Katy, TX today.

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