Playing with Your Pet: More than Just Fun

Playing with your animal companion sure is a lot of fun. Did you know that it also offers many more benefits? Your Gresham, OR vet tells you about just a few below.


Of course, playing with your pet gets them moving. This means that they’re getting essential exercise, which is healthy for pets of all ages. This can occur indoors or out—it doesn’t matter, as long as your pet is getting a decent workout!

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is very important for pets as it keeps them engaged and prevents boredom, which could ultimately lead to undesirable behaviors like house soiling, chewing, scratching, aggression, and more. Regular playtime is the best way to keep your pet properly stimulated and avoid these behaviors!

Bonding Time

Playing with your pet on a daily basis makes for great bonding time between animal and human. Don’t underestimate the connection you and your pet can have—it’s one of the strongest relationships you may ever know! Playing is a great way to deepen that relationship together.

Would you like tips on getting your pet to play? Want a recommendation on good-quality pet toys for your four-legged friend? Contact your Gresham, OR veterinarian today.


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