Preparing Your Home or Apartment for a Puppy

Are you bringing home a puppy soon? Be sure to prepare your living area! Things will go much more smoothly if you take a few precautions ahead of time. Learn more below from a Savannah, GA vet.

Block Off Rooms

Use dog gates or even baby gates to block off areas that you don’t want your pup going into, at least at first. Not only will this make the area you must keep safe and clean much smaller, it will be less overwhelming for your new canine arrival.

Get Rid of Hazards

Go through the area your puppy will have access to, and remove toxic materials, small objects that could be choked on or swallowed, plants and flowers, breakable items, and anything you don’t want chewed. Take steps to get rid of any sharp edges or tight spaces.

Hold a Family Meeting

Before your puppy comes home, gather your family together to get everyone on the same page. All family members should know the protocol regarding commands, feeding times, training techniques, etc. This way, Fido won’t get confused with different approaches!

Does your puppy need veterinary care? We’re here to help! Make an appointment at your Animal Hospital Savannah, GA.

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