Probiotics and Pets

Probiotics are relatively common in the human healthcare world. Did you know that they’re also available for pets? Learn more about probiotics and pets in this article from a Glendale, AZ veterinarian.

What Exactly Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microbes that live in your pet’s small or large intestinal tract. They keep the “bad” microbes at bay, and help to digest food, manufacture nutrients, and destroy dangerous pathogens. Probiotics for pets might come in tablet or pill form, a yogurt or kefir product, or be included in pet food.

How Can Probiotics Benefit My Pet?

Probiotics maintain the proper intestinal microbe balance, so they’re often given to pets suffering from digestive issues. They could be given to help manage or reverse infestations or infections, and they can even be given to help minimize stress. Ask your vet for further details on how probiotics can help pets.

Does My Pet Need Probiotics?

Don’t give your pet a probiotic until you check with your veterinarian. Not all pets need probiotics at all, but they can help those who do. When you’ve asked your vet, you’ll know that your pet is staying safe.

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