Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Are you about to welcome a puppy into your household? Make sure your home itself is prepared! Learn how to puppy-proof your home below from a Livonia, MI veterinarian.

Eliminate Physical Hazards

Check every room in the house that your puppy will spend time in. Remove or eliminate any physical hazards, from loose cords and wires, choking hazards, and toxic materials to sharp objects, heating devices, and tight spaces.

Remove Breakables

Puppies aren’t known for being delicate. You’ll want to remove any breakable or valuable items from your puppy’s area until he or she is a bit older and less rambunctious. It’s also a good idea to pick up any shoes, purses, or other items from the floor so they aren’t chewed up.

Block Off Rooms

Many puppy owners find success by blocking off rooms with dog gates. This way, your pup is confined to only a few rooms of the house, making supervision, training, and cleaning easier.

If it’s your first time raising a puppy and you would like more advice and guidance, your veterinarians Livonia, MI office is here to help. Set up an appointment today to discuss your puppy’s health, behavior, and care regimen with a professional.

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