Puppy Vaccine Basics

Are you new to puppy ownership? Bringing home a little ball of fur in the near future? Vaccination is one of the first steps toward a lifetime of great health. Learn more about the basics of puppy vaccination as your veterinarian Westminster, MD elaborates:

Core Vaccines

All puppies need what are called the core vaccines, so named because of the dangerous and possibly contagious nature of the diseases they prevent. Core vaccines include those that protect against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies. Ask your vet for more information on the core vaccines that your dog might need.

Non-Core Vaccines

As the name implies, non-core vaccines aren’t necessary for all puppies. It depends on a dog’s environment, pre-existing health conditions, and other factors. The Bordetella vaccine is one example; the Bordetella virus causes kennel cough, so a dog who will be boarded later in life may benefit from the vaccination.


Most vaccinations need booster shots every year, or perhaps every three years. Consult your veterinarian for help with scheduling your puppy’s booster shots as time goes on.

Have more questions about vaccinating your puppy? We’re here to help. Contact your animal hospital Westminster, MD today to speak with the professionals.

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