Put a Stop to Your Cat’s Inappropriate Scratching

Our feline friends sure love to scratch. Unfortunately, that can be a bad thing if Fluffy decides to take out her instincts on your furniture, carpet, or shoes! Use these tips from a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinary professional to halt your cat’s inappropriate scratching.

Provide an Alternative

Some cats scratch inappropriately because they don’t have a proper alternative. This is where scratching posts or boards come in—our feline friends love to work their claws out on these surfaces. Make sure your cat has at least two set up around the house.

Training Tips

Every time you see your cat scratch something they shouldn’t, clap your hands sharply or give them a squirt of water from a spray bottle. Then, direct your cat to the nearest scratching post. This should reinforce the notion that scratching on the post is a good thing!


A last resort is a deterrent option. There are many varieties, including scent and taste deterrents as well as devices that make noise when your cat gets close to an area you don’t want them in. Ask your vet for more information.

Contact your Vet Mt. Pleasant, SC for help with your cat’s behavior and training.

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