Removing Pet Odors from Your Home

Sometimes, our pets can begin smelling up our homes a bit more than we’d like. Use these tips from your Greenville, SC veterinarian to freshen things up and get your living space smelling normal again.

Pet Grooming

You’ll be amazed at what regular pet grooming can do to combat smells. Run a brush thorough your pet’s hair on a daily basis, and try the occasional bath using a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo. Ask your vet for more pet-grooming tips and tricks.

Odor Neutralizers

Did you know that there are odor neutralizers formulated specifically to combat pet odors? They work much better than air fresheners, which simply mask over smells for a time. Head to your local pet supply shop to pick up a pet-specific odor neutralizer product.

Space Restrictions

Some pets just have a natural smell to them. In these cases, it may be helpful to implement space restrictions. This means only allowing your pet in one floor of the home, or only up on one piece of furniture in the living room. This way, the space you must keep clean and fresh is much more manageable!

Want more advice on removing pet odors? Call your Greenville, SC animal hospital.

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